Thursday, January 14, 2010


Here's a picture of Obie. Obie can't wait to come back to the Bungalow (his FAVORITE vacation spot). Obie loved the outdoor area because when we were there, it was cool enough to turn of the a/c and open the doors. Obie could go out to the garden whenever he wanted to. We also went to the dog park several times.

Hope to see you guys in the fall!


Marlie & Brisco

Here's a photo of Marlie and Brisco. They are now 2 and 1 1/2 years
old. We rescued them from behind a Farm Store. Brisco is a male Black
Cocker Spaniel mix, and Marlie is a female Labrador Retriever Mix.
The week that we stay in your bungalow was the first time we took them
on vacation with us.
We were a bit concern but it turned out to be wonderful. We took long
walks with them by the beach, we met very nice people (animal lovers
like us), and the best of all is that we finally found a vacation rental
where dogs are welcome and that means a lot to us.
Thank you for giving us this opportunity.
Teresa, Marlie, & Brisco


"Hi, my name is Moses Cook and I'm a 4 year old white German Shepherd dog from the mountains of Pennsylvania. I had the privilege of spending two weeks at the Beach Bungalow, (the one closest to Wendy's - yum!) with my people, Maxine and Art. Every day was a fantastic adventure. We would run on the beach, dive into the surf, fly our kite, play frisbee, take long walks through the town, go up to the pizza place and and ice cream place for treats, and take lots of long naps out on the patio next to the hot tub. We visited the dog park every day, where I made lots of friends. My people would go out to dinner every night and bring me home fantastic take-out treats, too! I had a great time there. We were all very comfortable and our bungalow quickly felt just like home......except it had a beach, WOW! Thanks to Rob and Ann for being such great hosts. We will never forget our wonderful trip to Florida in 2007!"

Attached is a picture of The Flying Mo, as we call him. He's doing what he loves to do best........flying through the air in a full-out running dive into our lake to retrieve a stick we whipped out there. Also, here's a link to Mo's webpage if you'd care to put the link on your page: If not, just enjoy the site. And thanks again for thinking of us. We remember all of you very fondly.

Best Regards,

Art, Max and Moses Cook


Hi guys, here is a pic of my pup at the Bungalow.
Panda Bear is the pup.
Caption is " 5 degrees in PA, so glad I am the Bungalow!"
Thanks, Cheryl & Panda